I'm available for media appearances, speaking engagements, and one-on-one coaching.

Below you can find lists and links of my media features and appearances:


Good Morning America                                 "It's a wonderful idea!"
Fox and Friends                                                         - Diane Sawyer
GMA Weekend (1st appearance)
GMA Weekend (2nd appearance)
NBC New York
AM Northwest                                Think it's a crazy idea? Tamara would agree,
Good Day Oregon                 but you've got to love the results." - AM Northwest


Oprah Radio                                   
ABC Radio
Broadminded on SiriusXM
The Morning Update on KEX
The Bald-Faced Truth
WHAM Radio
The Curtis Sliwa Show                                                                                    


The New York Post (1st appearance)
The New York Post (2nd appearance)
Grazia (Italy)
Youth Weekend (China)

Online            "...the read is a fun, quick jaunt through one woman's inner           struggle with self-acceptance, with a lovely prize at the 
Cupid's Pulse                     end of the day: love." - Bonny Albo,                  "funny and insightful" -
Shelf Awareness            "Johnson's breezy, candid writing style breathes life 
Skirt!                              into what might otherwise be a sad tale of a woman           disillusioned with dating."    - Shelf Awareness
She Likes to Read!                    "A good read for both men and women....                         I was truly inspired." - She Likes to Read!
Cari's Book Blog              "Trust me when I say 31 Dates in 31 Days 
Oregon Live                           is a really fun read." - Cari's Book Blog
Tiffany's Bookshelf              "I wish a book like this had existed 
The Love Trekker                      when I was still single." -Tiffany's Bookshelf
Library of Clean Reads       "This book surprised me." - Library of Clean Reads
The Book Junkie                   "31 Dates in 31 Days is wonderful! ...
Talking Walls                      Her story is thought-provoking and inspiring." 
Read it Hard                                                  - The Book Junkie